Vocabulary: The Twelve Days of Christmas (Pre-Int+)

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Match the words in the box to the crossword using the numbered clues below. Definitions taken from http://www.macmillandictionary.com/

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partridge A fat brown bird that is hunted for sport and food (n) pear A fruit that is smaller towards the stem end, is white inside, and has yellow, green, or brown skin (n) dove A white bird often used as a sign meaning peace (n) hen A female chicken (n) drummer Someone who plays the drums in a band (n) piper A musician who plays a musical pipe or the bagpipes (n) lord A man who is in the highest social class (n) leap To jump into the air (v) goose A large white or grey bird with a long beak called a bill (n) swan A large white bird with a long neck that lives near water (n) maid An old word meaning 'a girl or young woman who is not married' (n) milk To take milk from a cow, goat, or sheep (v)

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18 December 2013

ShirleyNorrie Author Country Flag United Kingdom

Can be used with animation of this traditional song to introduce -ing verbs e.g. drummers drumming, ladies dancing.

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