Wordly Wise Lesson 4 - Book 5


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accurate able to give a correct reading or measurement; without mistakes or errors in fact horizontal going straight across from side to side jubilant very happy depart to leave, to go away from a place approximate not exact, but close enough to be reasonably correct despair to lose hope; a total lack of hope deteriorate to make or become worse gale a very strong wind; a loud outburst horizon the apparent line in the distance where the sky meets the sea or land course the path over which something moves; a way of acting or behaving; a subject or set of subjects to be studiend sever to break off; to cut into two accuracy correctness;exactness jubilation a feeling or expression of great joy navigate to calculate or direct the movement of a ship or aircraft navigation the science or practice of navigating voyage a long journey by sea or in space; to make a journey by sea or in space nostalgia a longing for a certain time in the past destination the place to which something or someone is going nostalic having feelings of nostalgia revive tho make or become strong again; to bring back into use or fashion

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14 September 2018

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