Billy Sunday, Runner for the Lord Ch. 9

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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The band is playing and everyone is dancing, so I believe everyone is having a swell time at this party. She was so afraid that her mouth felt suddenly dry and goosebumps sprang up all over her bare arms. Our class had a terrific time walking around each city block looking for all of the items on our downtown scavengar hunt. Why in the world do you continue to aggravate your brother about his new girlfriend? Once you join the baseball team, leaving the hotel after curfew is forbidden! Will you try to persuade my mama to let me go to the movies with you? When I start to revise my narrative writing paper, I will focus on using the correct grammar. My cousin wants to attend a very challenging college, so he will have to go to the preparatory school to get ready for the transition. The petite little girl looked so sweet as she performed her dance on the stage. Crisp, cool air blew across my face as I reached the top of the mountain. The heroic soldier was honored at the military ceremony for his bravery during battle. The family and friends of the wedding couple will congratulate them on their marriage when they attend the reception. Caroline was invited to attend a speaking engagement in Tallahassee, so she made reservations to take the PennsylvaniaLimited train. Jonathan is moving from his farm in Kentucky and will be staying at the YMCA until he can find an apartment. The soccer season is almost over and we haven't been able to play other teams because of CoVid 19! You will have to enable the camera on your computer if you plan to join us on our Zoom meeting. Did you know I received a phone call from Dr. Prize's office to come in for a job interview? Billy traveled from church to church telling others about his conversion to Christ and how he turned from his sinful ways. Maybe the teacher will relent and let us skip having homework tonight since we worked so well in class today. The baseball players lived a footloose lifestyle, acting as if they had no responsibilities and were accountable to no one.

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13 January 2021

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