Canada: provinces and resources

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Put the word in the sentence.

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Alberta has oil and gas. Saskatchewan grows wheat on farms. In BC you can see fruit orchards. Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa. They make cars in Ontario. This is manufacturing. There are many trees in Canada. In BC they cut trees and sell the wood. This is forestry. People come from outside Canada to visit. They spend money here. It is tourism. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are called prairie provinces. Outside Saskatoon we go down down down for potash. This is mining. The Pacific Ocean is on the west side of Canada. The Atlantic Ocean is on the east side of Canada. Some people have jobs fishing in the Atlantic Ocean. Some farmers in Alberta have cows and sheep they sell for food. Cows and sheep are cattle. Canada shares a border with USA.

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10 March 2023

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Canada: resources and industries

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