Complete each sentence using one of the spelling wods.

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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It took lots of courage for Ralph to explore his exercise wheer. Ralph was motionless at the top of his wheel just before he began the descent. Each of the camp counselors was responsible for eight to ten campersl The occupant of the new cage was tan and white. Chum made Ralph feel guilty for enjoying his exercise wheel. Cstso's paw reaching through the screen door made Ralph cringe. Ralph's life changed after the arrival of the hamster. Chum's performance made Ralph feel disgusted. Garf told Aunt Jill he was tired of making lanyards. Aunt Jill's signature made the sign look official. Ralph liked being called a personal mouse. The policy said that no one was allowed into the craft shop without an adult. The sign on Ralph's cage caused an argument among the campers. Garf coughed to clear his throat. Some of the campers liked to jump on the trampoline. The campers gradually lost interest and found other activities to do. Hearing Chum chew on his cage was annoying to Ralphj. Aunt Jill is the camp director. When the campers got tired of an activity, their enthusiasm lessened. Chum received lots of attention during the feeding challenge.

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21 April 2013

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