ELA Words 21-30

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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In this novel, the light of a passing comet causes much of the watching population to go blind. The problem was overcome by using a 1 ton chain hoist for the raising. The little squirrel would scutter about the campsite, looking for food for her babies. The soldiers made a huge pot of stew in their dixie, and there was plenty for everyone! As an Art teacher, I do not want to stifle my students' creativity; I want to help them develop it! When we picked up our daughter from summer camp, her clothes were dirty and shabby looking. When the tailor made my pants, he basted the seams together and came back to finish them later. The soup was so hot, that even the ladle was hard to hold after serving her family dinner. The roof of the house was so angular, that it was hard to put Christmas lights up without falling. He prayed ceaselessly for his grandma to make it to his graduation and she did!

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