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How much do you know about driving in the UK? Choose the correct term from those given below.

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The Department of Transport is responsible for matters to do with driving in the UK. All cars have an engine to make the car move. Cars also have manual or automatic gears. Cars with manual gears have a clutch. automatic cars have a "drive shift" gear stick All cars have reverse, to go backwards. All cars have an ignition switch to start the car. Cars are driven on the road. There are laws about alcohol and driving. You must stop on a red traffic light. You move forward on a green light. There are also laws about how and where to park cars. By law, you must wear a seatbelt. A hand brake stops the car from moving. The car won't move if the gear is in neutral. You need a licence to drive a car. A car has to be registered to get a number-plate. Cars have to be insured in case of accidents. You have to do a test before you can drive. Traffic signs can give orders, warnings, directions or information. Signs with red circles mostly tell you what you must not do. Signs with red circles mostly tell you what you must not do. Signs with blue circles mostly give positive instructions. warning signs are mostly triangular direction signs are mostly rectangular Signs on motorways have a blue background. If the panel is brown the route is to a tourist attraction. Signs on local routes have black borders. If a road is being repaired you will see road works signs. You can find a key to all traffic signs in a government publication called The Highway Code

Travel, Journeys wheels, seats buttons, lights lights, buttons manual, electric parking, seating electric, manual footpath, sidewalk eating, smoking slow, go red, yellow buy, sell belt, tight belt gear, clutch reverse, forward money, petrol good, new washed, painted shop, tour cones, wardens blue, no blue, no red, no direction, information warning, information highways, A-roads green, red red, no repairs, fixed Code, Rules, Key

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