Hurricane & Tornado Test

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Atmospheric pressure is the pressure created by the weight of the air. A cyclone is a strong storm with a lot of wind. A category 3 hurricane involves winds 111-130 mph. A category 4 hurricane involves winds 131-155 mph. A hurricane eye is a relatively calm, clear area at the center of the hurricane. A millibar is a tool used to measure atmospheric pressure. A typhoon is a violent cyclone or hurricane. A tornado is a whirlwind that can be extremely destructive and violent. A vortex is a mass of swirling water that draws everything near it. A gulf stream is a warm current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico. A tropical depression is an area with heavy winds and rain in tropical areas. Trade winds are winds blowing toward the equator. A storm surge is a strong gale of wind that creates sudden tidal waves.

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26 November 2012

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