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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Someone who notices things quickly and understands people's feelings is perceptive. Someone who has an unreasonable dislike of a thing or of a group is prejudiced. Someone who is uninterested and not willing to make the effort to do anything is apathetic. Someone who is determined not to change their ideas, opinions or behaviour is obstinate If you deliberately disobey people in authority or rules of behaviour, people think you are rebellious. If you spend a lot of time alone because you like being alone, people will say you are solitary. If you are unreasonably anxious or afraid, you are neurotic. Someone who is willing to consider or accept other people's ideas or opinions is open-minded. She's a conscientious teacher: she always prepares her lessons carefully. You're right. I hadn't noticed. That's very perceptive of you. I'd have asked more questions, but I didn't want to seem too inquisitive. She's so selfish. She does nothing for anyone else but expects everyone to do things for her. Someone who has a negative effect on the rest of the group could be called a badapple. She has alot of power in Nestlé. She's a bigcheese. Someone who is happy one minute and screaming the next can be called temperamental. Some who complains all the time whenever we want to have some fun is a wetblanket. She sometimes gets a bit out of control and does what she wants. She's a bit of a loosecanon. That child prefers to sit quietly alone, not talk to people but just sit and think. She's quite introverted. She broke her arm but still refused to give up. She's a toughcookie. He must be the laziest person I've ever met - a total couchpotato Duncan is so relaxed that he never seems to worry about anything. He's so easygoing. She's very circumspect: she thinks carefully before she decides to do anything and is never willing to take a risk. She's a very liberal boss. She's tolerant and she wants her employees to be free to do what they want. He's the kind of person who makes instant decisions without really thinking about the consequences - very impetuous. George is such a considerate man. Whenever he sees me, he brings a gift and asks about my family. She's very talkative. She loves going to parties, loves socialising - a really gregarious woman. A very childish person - you'd never think he was over 30. He's not very mature for his age. My favourite teacher was such an inspirational woman. She believed in me and it's because of her that I am where I am now. There's never a quiet moment with Kate. She never stops talking; she's such a chatterbox. He's a real whizzkid at computers: he knows everything and do anything on them.

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