Plural or Possessive

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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All the secretaries' desks are covered with file folders. My young niece's birthday is next month. All the witnesses to the crime agreed on what they'd seen. My two nieces' bedroom has a window overlooking the park. There were crows in the trees outside my window. I found a black crow's feather in the woods. It is a witness's duty to tell the truth. I have three nephews and two nieces. The secretary's job is to help the president with her appointments. There are two libraries in my town. Many countries sign treaties with one another. My local library's book sale was full of bargains. A country's prosperity depends on its economic strength. Our state libraries' computer systems are all linked together. Many countries' flags have stripes. My sister has a doll that is hers. My dog has a ball that is its. My neighbors have a house that is theirs. My family has a house that is ours. All of the witnesses' accounts of the crime were the same.

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