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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Choose the correct word and circle it when you read the sentence.  Remember your s blends may be at the BEGINNING or ENDING of the correctly spelled word. 

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My cat has a spot on his back. Step carefully so you don't slip and fall. The flower has a stem. You look snug in your blanket. Snap your coat, it is cold outside. You will slip if you keep running. Did you slug Kael? Do you know how to skip? Do you want to go swim? There are eggs in the Robin's nest. Where is you Halloween mask? Dr. Who went to the past. Do your best! The chips are crisp. Clasp your hands while you listen.

post,pots, Pest,Pets, mets,tems, nugs, sung naps,span lips,lisp lugs,guls kips,piks wims,miws sent,tens kams,maks taps,spat steb,bets scrip,pircs scalp,claps

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24 September 2019

MimiClasstime Author Country Flag United States of America

simple reading and choosing S blend words correctly spelled to finish the sentences.

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