Spelling List D-21

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Worksheet Type: Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences

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Complete the phrases with a word from the box.

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The actor who plays the hero in the film is very handsome . Victor dreams of owning a million-dollar yacht someday. The view of the ocean from his hotel room left Carter breathless . Our trip to Greece was the most wonderful vacation our family ever went on. Tom has a very active lifestyle. Stacy's dad has a lot of knowledge about ancient Rome. You will find a lot of protein in the yolk of an egg. Alejandro caught a salmon when he was fishing in Alaska. Mrs. McMaster's daughter will graduate from college this spring. Ismael's dad called a plumber to fix a leaking pipe in the basement. The boys that Maya babysits on the weekend like to wrestle with each other. The social studies test had three short answer questions on it. I doubt that we're going to have time to go to the library this evening. Kalina placed the butter in the microwave for thirty seconds to soften . April has been taking ballet classes for four years. Would you see if we have any baking powder in the cupboard ? The volunteer club spent the day picking up debris on the school grounds. A column of smoke rose from the chimney of the small cabin. The hotel offers a breakfast buffet for its guests. Autumn is Jason's favorite season. Frankie's grandpa is teaching him how to whistle . When Susan grows up, she wants to be a gourmet chef. Lucy strained a muscle during cheerleading practice. A subtle change in Peter's mood suggested that he was upset about something. The most beautiful castle I ever saw was in the German countryside.

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