Thanksgiving Spelling List (Level E)

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Complete the phrases with words from the Thanksgiving spelling list.

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Brody was assigned the role of a Pilgrim in the school play. Our class is going to have a holiday celebration on Friday. Elu's family is NativeAmerican . The holiday always falls on a Thursday . The first snowfall of the season happened on November 12th. Tanika made her own centerpiece for the dining table. We've been in the kitchen all day, preparing for the feast . Early settlers arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620. The colonists were able to survive their first winter with the help of Squanto . Erica's favorite season is autumn . A turkey is a type of fowl , or domestic bird. Nolan and his dad took the canoe out on the lake. Our family has a special holiday tradition . How many different vegetables should we serve with the dinner? That pumpkin pie was delicious ! In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in October. I have a wonderful recipe for homemade cranberry sauce . The Puritans started a new life in America around 1630. “Can you pass the mashed potatoes , please?” The Mayflower was the ship that carried the first settlers to the New World. This year's holiday gathering will be at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The harvest moon was a huge, glowing orb in the night sky. Kirsten is thankful for her family and friends. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by colonists from England in 1630. A cornucopia , or horn of plenty, is a horn-shaped basket overflowing with produce and flowers.

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15 November 2017

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superteacherworksheets.com spelling list level e

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