Thanksgiving Words (Level C)

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Complete the phrase with a word from the box.

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Joshua was a Pilgrim in the Thanksgiving play. The ship made a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Would you please pass the mashed potatoes ? A turkey says, “Gobble, gobble !” In the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. I like to watch the leaves change color in autumn . Chan’s birthday is in November . Grandma is preparing a delicious feast . What is one thing you are thankful for? Anthony set a dish of butternut squash on the table. Because of all the rain, the farmer had a good harvest . Uncle Dave pulled a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven. Dad is carving the turkey in the kitchen. Do you have any special family traditions? In Canada, Thanksgiving is observed in October. Mom seasoned the corn with salt and pepper. How long does it take to roast the turkey? Aunt Constance brought yams over for dinner. Which vegetables are we serving with Thanksgiving dinner? Would you like whipped cream on your pumpkin pie?

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13 November 2018

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