The Geology of Louisiana - Vocabulary Quiz

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geology - the study of how the earth was formed pointbar - sediment built up in a meander that forces the river current to erode the opposite bank meander - to wind or turn; loops and curves in a river sediment - suspended particles of dirt and sand carried by river water continentaldrift - the gradual movement of continents naturallevee - strip of elevated land along the river bank formed when river floods terrace - elevated ridge formed from an old river bed Pangaea - ancient supercontinent that included all of earth's landmasses coastalplain - a low, flat land region built up by river sediment reservoir - a natural or artificial pond or lake used for water storage mudlump - strange, mound-like formations in river deltas caused by pressure from depositing sediments brackish - freash and saltwater mixed together bar - an underwater barrier of mud in a river oxbowlake - formed when a river meander is cut off from the main river channel continentalshelf - a relatively shallow seabed surrounding a continent floodplain - a plain bordering a river and subject to flooding delta - a landform shaped by sediment deposits at the mouth of a river cheniers - a ridge of highground in the coastal marsh formed from ancient beaches coastalmarsh - wet grassland along a coastline barrierisland - islands formed from bars in abandoned river deltas; protect the coastline

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23 August 2015

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