Unit 3 Vocabulary Test

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Choose the correct word for each blank.  Each word can be used once.

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Circus animal trainers usually goad elephants into dancings and performing tricks. After saving his allowance for months, Gus decided to indulge and purchase several video games. Even though Ellie didn't want to move to Thailand, she decided to think of it as a unique experience that would give her grit. Too many rain days and cancelled recesses culminated in Saint James students going bananas in the classrooms! Schools are required to call parents and verify students' locations when they are absent. Saint James makes a miscellaneous section at our rummage sale for the stuff that just doesn't belong to any logical group. Our class becomes much more animated when we are interested in what we are learning, otherwise we can sit very still and feel sleepy. Only half the population in some underdeveloped nations are literate, but getting access to internet connection and free education can help. Having been at sea for days, the seasick girl yearned to put her feet on dry land! Don't get the iron too hot or it will singe the shirt you are trying to press!

Write 2 sentences using 2 words from above in each please:

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