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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Rapper Jay-Z Is Know For His Fortune Which He Is Worth a Billion Dollars Assets Vs. Liability Gold And Silver Was The Old Currency In The 1800's The First Cryptocurrency Coin Ever Made Was Bitcoin The Rich Invest There Money In Stocks And Bonds Most Credit Gurus Fixed There Credit And Leverage Credit Cards To Get Capital A Big House In Miami That Has 9 Bedrooms And 6 Bathrooms a a Tennis Court With A Guess House In The Back Yard Is Called a Mansion The Wealthy Invest In Assets Not Liabilities to To Gain More Wealth US Currency Is NOT Good To be Held in Your Local Bank Because They Lend Your Money Out To Other Clients With a Higher Interest And Gives You 0.001 Percent On Your Money A Trustfund Does Not Go Through Probate Court (Court System) When Someone Pass Away But Having a Will Does

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1 February 2023

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