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Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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Read and circle the correct answer.

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I am writing a letter to my aunt. Are you watching tv with your father? Stella isn't playing football at the stadium. We are reading the same book at school. You aren't sleeping, because it's only 8pm. Are they visiting their grandparents? I'm not crying! You are buying a new car. Is the dog eating? The girl isn't drinking a lemonade, she prefers orange juice. We aren't taking pictures because we have no camera. You enjoy painting animals. They hate playing golf, because it's too slow. I love listening to music, because it's peaceful. You don't want to read a book, because you prefer running. Mum doesn't like cooking! Father wants to watch tv after dinner. My sisters like going shopping! I enjoy making cakes. She doesn't want to study Russian, because the teacher is mean.

write,righting Is,Am isnot,aren't read,looking doing,reading museum,film yes,'nt buy,shopping apple,table eating,biting looking,drawing want,hate to play,to do in,with reading,watch dosenot,doesno't love,enjoy buying,running doing,listening enjoys,likes

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15 November 2015

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present continuous and like doing revisions

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