Wordly Wise Lesson 5 - Book 5

Fill-in-the-Blank Sentences Worksheet

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The mountain climbers had a narrow escape when the avalanche swept over them. The black vertical lines in this painting are what creates the optical illusion. We use the sofa as a makeshift bed when we have overnight guests. Pat and Jean are optimists and so, of course, they believed the plane would not leave without us. I challenged my friend to a game of chess. Our company had an avalance of orders as we used a TV ad to promote our toys. Heavy fighting thwarted the government's attempt to delivery food during the war. The Chicago airport had to close for two days because of the blizzard. This trail challenges even the best hikers to complete it. Swimming lessons at Scott Rackow helped me conquer my fear of the water. The summit of the heads of state in North America will take place in June. Very few scientist challenge the idea that a large meteorite killed off the last of the dinosaurs. The crevice had filled with soil in which a cluster of small red flowers was growing. I accepted the challenge to run the marathon. They used the trailer as a makeshift while their house was being rebuilt. Although I missed the last meeting, I attended the two previous ones. It took us three hours to climb to the summit of the moutain. When I said I was sure we would be rescued soon, my friend's terse reply was "How?" Our route to Seattle takes us through Denver. A large grouper took the lure and I hooked it. The Romans conquered parts of Europe in the B.C.E. Lving out of our backpacks for a week on the mountain was a real challenge. Many people moved to California during the Gold Rush due to the lure of finding gold. Juilian has over ahundred customers on his mail route. In spite of injuries to our best players, I am optimistic about our chances of winning the big game. The lure of the sea led us to take up sailing. The patients' optimism helped them recover more quickly from their illnesses. It would be foolhardy to go surfing during a hurricane. A terse remark is short. He enjoyed the challenge of the Sunday morning crossword puzzle. They changed her route to delivery the bread so now she drives on South Beach instead of North Beach.

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19 September 2018

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