HOUSING - household problems (#1)

Information Gap Worksheet

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1. The TENANT says something. 2. The BUILDING MANAGER, CARETAKER or LANDLORD responds.  [a response] Choose the BEST response.  Read the choices CAREFULLY.

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My toilet is plugged. (= My toilet is clogged.) I used a plunger, but it didn't work. My toilet is still plugged/clogged. I have no heat. The power is out. There's no electricity. My power is out, but my neighbors have power. My power is out, my neighbors have power, and my fuse box is okay. I have bedbugs. The lock on my apartment door is broken. There is water dripping from my living room ceiling. I have a broken window.

I'm sorry to hear that. Did you use a plunger? Okay. I'll call a plumber. I'll call a repair person to fix the furnace. There is no power in the neighborhood now. Sask Power will fix it soon. Did you check your fuse box?

I'll call an electrician. Oh no. That's terrible. I'll phone an exterminator. Thanks for telling me. I'll call a locksmith. I'll call your upstairs neighbor and find out what happened. I'll call someone to come and fix it.

Write sentences with SOME of these words. (ex. My kitchen sink was clogged. I used a plunger and Drano, but it didn't help. Then I called my building manager.

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