The Rise of Napoleon

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When was Napoleon born? How did he help win the siege of Toulon? What was the outcome of the Italian campaign from 1796-7? Why was Napoleon forced to abandon his Egyptian campaign? What did Napoleon do in France in 1799? When did he defeat the Austrians at Marengo?? What was the peace of Amiens? What was the Brumaire coup? When did he assume the role of emperor? Why did he abandon his plan to invade Great Britain?

1769 By using his artillery audaciously. France received territory at the Treaty of Campo Forno in 1797. Britain defeated the French fleet at the Battle of Nile in 1798. He assumed power as First Consul.

1800 A peace treaty signed with Great Britain in 1802. Napoleon overthrew the existing French Government. 1804 The French fleet was defeated at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805?

Explain Napoleon's rise to power using and developing the information from above and from your partner.:

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16 May 2022

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