Advanced Spoken Spelling Test

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Listen and spell...

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How do you spell, accommodate, as in, "We will be able to accommodate you in our cabin."
How do you spell, leisure, as in, "What do you do in your leisure time?"
Which of these choices is the correct spelling of the word weird?
How do you spell, bargain, as in, "This book was a bargain. It only cost $3."
Spell the word pamphlets, as in, "She was handing out pamphlets with information about the trip."
Which of these choices is the correct spelling of, resemblance?
How do you spell, susceptible, as in, "A history of smoking made him susceptible to lung cancer."
Spell camouflage, as in, "This lizard uses camouflage to avoid being spotted by its prey".

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29 June 2020

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

Tricky spelling test for advanced level students.

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