Billy Sunday, Runner for the Lord Ch. 6

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Complete the sentences using a vocabulary word from Chapter 6.

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The baseball ________ took place in our hometown last week.
That girl's fingers are moving across the computer keyboard as fast as _____________ ____________.
greased lightening
As a __________ of the United States, we have a right to freedom of religion.
The teacher of my __________ class taught us how to use body language, hand motions, and the volume of our voices to make our speeches exciting.
Ma told me to go to the ________ _______ store down the road to buy flour, sugar, and rice.
dry goods
After high school ______________, I plan to go to college to earn a degree in medicine and become a doctor.
I was so nervous during my solo the ______ of my hands were sweating.
As soon as Granny saw her son come through the door, she wiped her hands on her _______ and pulled him close to her for a tight hug.
I have fond memories of my grandmother sitting in her favorite chair, _________ hats, sweaters, and scarves for her grandchildren.
Miss Jennie's gentleman friend was asked to sit in the _________ and wait for her to come downstairs.
Mrs. Clark made the _______ that we would have Jesus' birthday party on November 18th.
Everyone on the football team was excited to hear who would be named as this year's ____________.
As I peered through the frosty glass of the train window, I could see the snow-covered ________________, dotted with small houses and rows and rows of fences.
We made enough money from our fundraiser to buy new ___________ for our marching band.
As the ____________ of our group, it was my responsibility to make sure we stayed focused and finished our project on time.
The girls weren't expecting rain, so they had to make a quick _________ to the car to keep from getting soaked.
The _________ director agreed to let Billy off work to play ball and to help if there was a fire.
The championship game depended on the last _________ in the line-up hitting a homerun.
That young ______ gave an excellent demonstration on the correct way to shoot a bow and arrow.
When we saw the director of the play _________ for us to come onstage, we quietly walked to our places and waited for the curtain to rise.

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15 November 2020

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