Billy Sunday, Runner for the Lord Chapter 5 Complete the Sentences

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Fill in the sentences using your Chapter 5 vocabulary words. geography outfielder yoke salary curry lottery registration flecks expenses hitch lieutenant basement insults mare strenuous manure swore brigade sensible janitor

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I fell into the mud because I was not prepared when Sweetpea, my gray _________, jumped over the large mud puddle.
When we study _____________, we look at facts about natural environments and landforms and discuss how people live in different parts of the world.
Shouting ____________ at someone who has hurt your feelings does not follow Jesus' example of offering forgiveness.
Shoveling _____________ out of the horse stables each morning was Brian's least favorite chore.
After the _______________ job of hauling firewood for the fourteen classroom stoves, Steve was exhausted!
The cowboy was about to ______________ the mule to the wagon, but suddenly a loud noise startled it and it took off running across the field.
That lazy stableboy put the horse back into his stall and didn't use a ____________ brush to clean his coat!
Uncle John began jumping up and down for joy when he realized he had bought a winning ____________ ticket!
Mama said we were going to store all of our Christmas decorations in the ____________ this year.
The farmer used a _____________ to join the two oxen together before he began plowing the field.
After unpacking everyones' luggage from the van, we stopped at the _______________ desk to check in at the hotel.
Our parents created a budget of our monthly ______________ so we could plan how much money we would be able to save each month for our Disney World vacation.
Private Johnson was quick to respond to _______________ Mitchell's command to prepare the Army barracks for inspection.
When the man saw the flat tire on his truck, he cursed and ____________, offending everyone who heard him.
As soon as the alarm was heard, the fire ______________ jumped onto the firetruck and raced to help put out the fire.
When the celebration party was over, the poor _____________ slowly began the extensive clean up of the ballroom.
We were amazed when the sunlight caused the _____________ of silver in the rock to dazzle.
Playing the _____________ of a baseball team in the middle of summer is not always the most fun.
Before you begin your hike, you need to make sure you are wearing ______________ shoes and appropriate clothing.
The starting ______________ the supervisor offered me was not enough money to cover my monthly bills.

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10 November 2020

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