Billy Sunday, Runner for the Lord, Chapter 9

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Drag and drop the definitions beside its matching vocabulary word.

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Match the pairs below:
interview → a formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person, conversion → a change, often associated with leaving a sinful life and living a Godlier life, relented → change of attitude, become less rigid, to yield, footloose → able to do as one pleases due to lack of responsibilities or commitments, enable → to make someone able to do something, give someone an ability or opportunity, season → a specific time period during a year set aside for a particular event (ex. baseball season – March to October: Christmas season – December 1st to December 31st ), YMCA → Christian organization established in 1844 by George Williams to provide a safe living environment and church for young men transitioning from rural areas to cities in search of jobs: Young Men’s Christian Association, Pennsylvania Limited → American Class I railroad established in 1846 that ran been between New York and Chicago, congratulate → phrase of good wishes for an achievement, honored → regarded with great respect, crisp → cool, fresh, or invigorating, petite → small and slim, preparatory (school) → school that prepares students for entrance into another school: getting ready for something, grammar → the rules of how words are used in a language, persuade → convince someone to do or think a certain way, forbidden → not allowed, banned, aggravate → bother someone/something excessively, make a bad situation worse, block → rectangle area in a city surrounded by streets, usually contains several buildings, goose bumps → condition where skin raises as hair follicles become erect (causes: cold, fear, or excitement), swell → excellent: incredibly good

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27 December 2020

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