Christmas Verbs

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Fill the blanks below with the correct verb.
1. My teachers _bring_ candy to school. 2. Santa _brings_ gifts on Christmas Eve. 3. Mohsen and Aboubaker _send_ cards to the students. 4. I _send_ cards my family. 5. Jorge _writes_ a card to Derong. 6. Kelka and Nada _write_ addresses on envelopes.
Fill the blanks below: Choose the correct possessive pronoun.
1. Derong hangs a wreath on _her_ door. 2. I sent a card to _my_ brother. 3. Moo and Kelka bring cookies to _their_ friends. 4. We hang ornaments on _our_ tree. 5. Mohsen and his son put up a tree in _their_ apartment. 6. Tomas hangs lights on _his_ house. 7. She puts a wreath on _her_ door. 8. We buy a turkey for _our_ dinner. 9. You say "Merry Christmas" to _your_ friends. 10. The students send cards to _their_ classmates.
Fill the blanks below: Write the correct verb.
1. Thi _hangs_ lights on her Christmas tree. 2. We _hang_ stockings on our fireplace. 3. They _eat_ turkey on Christmas day. 4. Aboubaker _likes_ candy canes. 5. The children _build_ snowmen in the snow.
Fill the blanks below with the correct verb.
1. _Hang_ the wreath on the door! 2. They _decorate_ their living room with candles and ornaments. 3. Santa _puts_ presents under the tree, 4. Moo _hangs_ Christmas lights on her Christmas tree. 5. Stan and Michelle _cook_ turkey for their friends. 6. Julie _cooks_ dinner for her family.
Match the pairs below:
We put → presents under the tree., I buy → a turkey for dinner., She decorates → her Christmas tree., We hang → stockings on the fireplace., They skate → in December.

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10 December 2020

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ESL Level 1 Christmas Verbs

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