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Date Shared: 9 May 2021

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Let's do these funny activities together!

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Match the pairs with their Turkish translations below: What color is it?
Black → Siyah, Red → Kırmızı, Pink → Pembe, White → Beyaz, Blue → Mavi, Green → Yeşil, Brown → Kahverengi, Purple → Mor, Orange → Turuncu
Fill the blanks below:
_B_ L A _C_ K _ B_ L _U_ E _ B_ R O _W_ N _ G_ R _E_ E N O _R_ A N _G_ E _ P_ U R _P_ L E R _E_ D W _H_ I T _E_ _ Y_ E L _L_ O _W_

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9 May 2021

ozgederr Author Country Flag Turkey

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