December, 2023: Change Verb Tenses

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example: SIMPLE PRESENT:  I watch TV every day. SIMPLE PAST:  _________________ yesterday. ANSWER:  I watched TV yesterday.

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SIMPLE PRESENT: I do laundry every week. [do laundry = wash clothes] PRESENT CONTINUOUS (= present progressive): ____________________ now.
I am doing laundry
SIMPLE PRESENT: I buy tomatoes sometimes. SIMPLE PAST: __________________ last week.
I bought tomatoes
SIMPLE PRESENT: I do Don's online homework every day. SIMPLE FUTURE with "will": _________________ Don's online homework tomorrow.
I will do
SIMPLE PRESENT: My son plays soccer on Saturdays. SIMPLE FUTURE with "going to": My son _________________ this Saturday.
is going to play soccer
SIMPLE PRESENT: I live in Saskatoon. PRESENT PERFECT: _________________ in Saskatoon for three years.
I have lived
SIMPLE PAST: I visited my friend last month. SIMPLE PRESENT: __________ my friend sometimes.
I visit
SIMPLE FUTURE: I will cook special food tonight. [Now it is morning or afternoon.] SIMPLE PRESENT: ______________ special food on weekends.
I cook
PRESENT PERFECT: I have gone to the library downtown many times. SIMPLE PRESENT: ____________________ to the library downtown once a week. [once = 1 time]
I go
PRESENT CONTINUOUS (progressive): She is working at a restaurant now. SIMPLE PRESENT: ____________at a restaurant every weekend.
She works
SIMPLE PRESENT: I use websites that Don shows me. SIMPLE PAST: Last week ________________ websites that Don showed me.
I used
SIMPLE PRESENT: My writing improves when I write in class and do Don's online homework. SIMPLE FUTURE: (NOT with "going to") My writing _________________ more if I write in class and do Don's online homework.
will improve
SIMPLE PRESENT: Sometimes Don says that I should not think about how many tasks I have. SIMPLE PAST: Last month ____________ that I should not think about how many tasks I have.
Don said
SIMPLE PRESENT: I have many good tasks in my portfolio binder, but my English in class is not good enough. SIMPLE FUTURE with "will": I _______ ______ finish CLB 3 or CLB 4 soon. [NEGATIVE - ]
will not
SIMPLE FUTURE with "going to": I ______________________ work harder in class and practise English more outside of class. [DON'T use ' .]
am going to
SIMPLE PAST: I went shopping last Saturday. [ = last week on Saturday] SIMPLE PRESENT: I always ___________________ on Saturday(s).
go shopping
SIMPLE PRESENT: My daughter never wants to go to bed. [She likes to stay up late.] SIMPLE PAST: My daughter ________________________to go to bed last night. [Use ' .]
didn't want

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6 December 2023

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