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Choose the correct option of the future tense depending on its use (will, going to, present continuous).

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Oh great! That meeting after work's been canceled. I ______ to that yoga class instead.
will go
I _______ to visit my relatives in Australia this year.
am going to try
The restaurant is reserved for 8. We_______ a drink at Beale's first.
are having
It's really hot in here. I____ the window.
will open
I've told my bank to close my account. _____ an account with a more ethical bank.
I will open
_____ at a conference on Saturday.
I'm speaking
I've decided that _____ to my boss about the situation.
I'm going to speak
I would love to go out with you tomorrow but _____ dinner with James.
I'm having
A: Tea or coffee? B: _____ coffee, please.
I'll have
I want to do more with my free time. I know! I think _____ taking Mandarin lessons.
I'll start

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6 July 2022

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