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When ___ going to call your family?
are you
What are you ___ for lunch tomorrow?
going to cook
She is ___ shopping on Saturday.
going to go
___ their house on the weekend.
They're going to clean
It ___ on the weekend.
is going to rain
The children ___ study tomorrow.
aren't going to
I'm not ___ the clothes today.
going to wash
Who __ going to call on the phone?
is he
___ are you going to buy at Superstore?
Who ___ go to the mall with?
is he going to
Use these words and make a good "going to" sentence. Eg. I / eat soup. I'm going to eat soup. She / not / cook fish.
She isn't going to cook fish.
They / play outside
They're going to play outside.
I / not / wash my car.
I'm not going to wash my car.
He / go to work.
He's going to go to work.
We / not / watch TV tonight.
We're not going to watch TV tonight.

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17 June 2021

sodssylvia Author Country Flag Canada

Dawn's worksheet turned interactive

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