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Look at the pictures, read the questions or other sentences, and choose the BEST answers.

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What's the matter? = What's the problem? (= What's wrong?)
I have high blood pressure.
What's bothering you?
I have a headache.
I have _______________.
a heart problem
I need to check my blood sugar level because ______________
I have diabetes.
Which one is the BEST sentence about HEALTH?
I'm allergic to milk. = I have a milk allergy.
I have a fever. My body aches. (= My body hurts.)
I have the flu.
Do you have any health problems?
I have a stomach problem.
I sneeze a lot. I have a runny nose.
I have a cold.
Do you have any medical conditions?
I have a lung problem.
What seems to be the problem?
I have a backache. = I have a sore back. = My back hurts.
What brings you in today?
I have a toothache.
You don't look well. How do you feel?
I'm nauseous. I feel like I'm going to throw up. (= I feel like I'm going to vomit.)
What's the matter?
I feel dizzy. = I'm dizzy.
What's bothering you? (about something that CHANGED)
I gained a lot of weight recently.
You look different. What happened?
I lost a lot of weight.
"I'm pregnant." is the same as ________________.
I'm expecting. = I'm going to have a baby.
My doctor said, "______________________."
You need to gain weight. You're too thin.
My doctor said, "___________________."
You need to lose weight. You're too heavy.
The nurse is ________________________.
taking a blood sample
I have a bad cut, so ______________
I need stitches.
I will exercise more ________________________ .
because I need to lose weight
My doctor said I should lose weight ________________.
, so I will eat less sugar and fat
I'm going to eat less red meat _____________________.
because my doctor said I eat too much of it
I need to eat more fruit and vegetables ______________________ .
, but they are very expensive
My doctor said _______________________. [get more sleep = sleep more]
I need to get more sleep

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4 February 2024

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