HOUSING - May 19, 2023

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Please read the choices for the answers very carefully.  For example, be careful about "a" and "an".

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If you OWN a house or a condo, you are THE OWNER. = You ________________________________.
make mortgage payments to your bank. [= pay your bank]
If you are a tenant, you ______ your apartment or house.
A _______________ pays rent to their landlord or building manager.
Someone will MOVE INTO this apartment. Which person is the landlord or building manager?
the woman
Someone will MOVE INTO this apartment. Which person is the tenant?
the man
This is ________________ .
a townhouse
This is _______________ .
a duplex
This is _________________ .
a two-storey house
This is _________________________.
an apartment building (maybe a condo building)
He is _________________________ .
an electrician
She is ______________________ .
a carpenter
He is ______________________________.
a furnace repair person
This man is ______________________ .
an exterminator
Which one does NOT BELONG with the other ones? [It should be in a DIFFERENT group.] [example: banana apple carrot orange ANSWER: carrot (Because it's a vegetable, not a fruit.)]

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19 May 2023

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