How to Send a Card! Instructions II

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Read and do!

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How do you mail a card? Put the instructions in order.
1. → Open the card., 2. → Write the date in the upper right corner., 3. → Write To or Hello (friend's name)., 4. → Write 2 or 3 messages., 5. → Sign your name., 6. → Put the card in the envelope., 7. → Seal the envelope., 8. → Write your friend's address. Write your return address in the upper left corner., 9. → Put a stamp on the envelope., 10. → Put the card and envelope in the mailbox!
Who is it? Who sends the card (SENDER)? Who reads the card (READER)?
Writes the card. → SENDER, Gets the card from the mailbox. → READER, Puts a stamp on the envelope. → SENDER, Signs his/her name. → SENDER, Receives the card. → READER, Is happy to get mail. → SENDER, Writes the date. → SENDER, Writes To Halima, → SENDER, Reads "Hope you are well. Enjoy the summer!" → READER, Writes the return address. → SENDER
Fill the blanks below:
It _is_ December. Christmas is coming. Jill wants to _send_ a card to her friend Max. She _buys_ a card, envelope, and stamp at the _postal_ _office._ Jill _opens_ the card. Jill writes the _date._ She writes To Max. Then she writes 2 or 3 _sentences._ She also writes "Merry Christmas! Have a good New Year!" She puts the _stamp_ on the envelope and writes Max's _address_ in big letters on the envelope. She puts her _return_ address in the upper, left corner. Then she goes to the mail box and mails the card. Max lives alone. He has no family. Christmas holidays are not very happy for him. On December 24th he _gets_ his mail. There is a red _envelope!_ Max opens the envelope and sees a beautiful Christmas card. He opens the card and _reads_ it. It is _from_ his friend Jill. Jill hopes that Max has a good Christmas holiday. Max feels _happy_ that he has a card from his friend.
Write Hello Tom!
Hello Tom!
Write the date.
June 7, 2021
Write a message.
I hope you are well.
Sign your name.
From Susan
Write your return address.
Address goes in the top left corner of envelope.
Mail the card.
Put the card in the mailbox.
Seal the envelope.
Close the envelope.

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7 June 2021

Julie11 Author Country Flag Canada

Read, write and listen to instructions on how to send a card. CLB 1& 2

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