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Complete the following math problems. No calculators.

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Ochenta y cuatro entre ___ es siete.
___ más ___ es doce. (Choose all of the correct options).
ocho, cuatro, nueve, tres, siete, cinco
What is the correct Spanish number for the following: NINE TIMES SIX
cincuenta y cuatro
___ por cuatro es sesenta y cuatro. (Don't worry about any punctuation)
What number (in Spanish) divided by two, is fifteen?
Which of the choices can logically complete this statement. Siete ___ tres es ___.
por, veintiuno, menos, cuatro, más, diez
What (in Spanish) is the answer to the following: blank minus nine, is six?
Complete the sequence: once, veintidós, ___, cuarenta y cuatro
treinta y tres
If DIECISIETE is the answer, what was the problem? (Choose all possible options)
ocho más nueve, veinte menos tres, treinta y cuatro entre dos
Complete the sequence that follows: seis, quince, veinticuatro, ___, cuarenta y dos
treinta y tres

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21 July 2020

gossxa Author Country Flag United States of America

Practicing numbers through 99 in Spanish

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