Nov., 2022: Part A: BAD winter weather for DRIVING; Part B: MORE about WEATHER

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These are "multiple choice" questions.  Please choose the correct answers. [VERB - choose ;  NOUN - choice ; "choose" = "make a choice"]       Please read the choices for the answers very carefully.  Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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PRESENT: There is __________________. PAST: There was ____________________.
freezing rain
Drive slowly and carefully. The roads are _______________. [ADJECTIVES]
icy (slippery)
There is ice on the road, but you CAN'T see it. It's ____________.
black ice
It's windy, and it's snowing. There is _______________.
blowing snow
It's windy. There is snow moving ON THE ROAD. __________________.
There is drifting snow.
______________________________________ . [This is NOT about snow.]
There is fog. = It's foggy.
There is reduced visibility because it's foggy. (= There is low visibility because it's foggy.) What does this mean?
It means, "You can't see much. You should drive very slowly."
Travel is not recommended. Road conditions are very bad. What does this mean? * It means, ...
"You should not drive. It is very dangerous to drive. Maybe you will have a car accident."
There is _______ visbility. = There are _________ conditions. [This is about snow.]
zero , whiteout
There is a winter storm ______________ for TOMORROW. If you need to go shopping, you should go shopping TODAY.
*** warning ( ** alert, watch)
There is a 30% chance of snow tomorrow morning. = ____________ there will be snow tomorrow morning.
- 20 ° C =
minus 20 degrees Celsius
+ 5 º C =
plus 5 degrees Celsius OR 5 degrees Celsius
The LOW temperature is the same as the _________________ temperature. It's usually ___________________.
minimum ; at night
The HIGH temperature is the same as the _________________ temperature. It's usually ___________________.
maximum ; in the afternoon
from a weather forecast: "Tonight's _____ _____ _____ minus 10 . The _____ tomorrow _____ _____ plus 1."
low , will be ; high , will be
There's an 80% (percent) chance of snow tomorrow morning. = It ______________ tomorrow morning.
will probably snow
A: What does "partly cloudy" mean? B: For example, it means "_________________________".
70% sunny and 30% cloudy (mostly sunny and a little cloudy)
B: What does "mostly sunny" mean? B: For example, it means "__________________________".
80% sunny and 20% cloudy
A: What does "a mix of sun and cloud" mean? B: For example, it means "___________________".
50% sunny and 50% cloudy
"Wind 50 kilometres per hour becoming 70 kilometres per hour this afternoon." [kilometres per hour = kph = km/h = km/hr
There will be MORE wind this afternoon THAN there is now. The wind will CHANGE.
It will be sunny today and clear tonight. = _____________________________
It will not be cloudy in the daytime (morning and afternoon). It will not be cloudy at night. [will not = won't]

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