Part 1 - "Stay Healthy - COVID-19" handout from Don

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"Vomit" is the same as ______________. (I'm vomiting.)
throw up
"I can't taste." is about my _______________ .
"I can't smell." is about my _______________ .
The phone number for Healthline is ____________ .
If you have a fever, you feel very ___________ .
I have a sore throat. = My throat _________ .
My body hurts. = My body is ________.
I'm healthy. = I'm _____ sick.
I can't breathe. = I have a problem when I breathe in and breathe ______ .
What's wrong? = What's the _________?
What's wrong? = What's the __________?
I have diarrhea. = ______________________________
I sit on the toilet many times every day.
If you call (= phone) Healthline and they think MAYBE you have COVID-19, _______ .
they will make an appointment for you for a COVID-19 test.
If you go by car to "drive thru" (= "drive through") COVID-19 testing, _________ .
you will have an appointment. You will not need to wait.

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20 September 2021

donaldbcampbell Author Country Flag Canada

I made this to go with a handout for my Saskatoon Open Door Society students.

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