Past Tense Christmas Verbs

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Practice using Christmas verbs in past tense!

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Match the present tense with the past tense:
hang → hung, am → was, are → were, bring → brought, sends → sent
Match the present tense with the past tense.
write → wrote, send → sent, build → built, likes → liked, eat → ate
Match the past tense with the present tense.
was → am, sent → send, decorated → decorate, ate → eat, got → get
Fill the blanks below:
Last year _was_ 2019. I _lived_ in Edmonton last December. There _was_ a lot of snow. I _built_ many snowmen. I _skated_ every Saturday. I _brought_ a Christmas tree home. My wife _put_ up the tree and the children _decorated_ the tree. My family _sent_ gifts. And my friends _gave_ us cards. I _had_ a great Christmas!

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11 December 2020

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ESL Level 1/2 Christmas Verbs Past Tense

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