Picking up Prescriptions

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Watch the video again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NXqTqZLl90

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Fill the blanks below:
PHARMACIST: Mr. Amador? MR. AMADOR: Yes. PHARMACIST: Okay, here's your prescription. Now, take 5 ml (five millilitres) every morning and 5 ml (five millilitres) _every_ _night,_ until it's all gone. MR. AMADOR: When will it start to work? PHARMACIST: Soon. _In_ _a_ _few_ _hours_ your ear will feel much better. MR. AMADOR: So that's 5 ml (five millilitres) _twice_ a day, morning and night? That's every 12 _hours,_ at eight o'clock _in_ _the_ _morning_ and eight at night? PHARMACIST: That's right. It should take you _about_ _a_ _week_ to finish the medicine. MR. AMADOR: Ahh! Thanks a lot. PHARMACIST: No problem. JAN: Hello. I'm Jan Michesku. I called this morning. PHARMACIST: Yes, Mr. Michesku. Your prescriptions are right here. They've been ready for an hour. JAN: Good. PHARMACIST: Now take these pills _three_ _times_ _a_ _day._ That's every _eight_ _hours._ JAN: I usually take them at 7 in the morning, three in the afternoon and one _before_ _I_ _go_ _to_ _bed_ - about ten or eleven at night. PHARMACIST: That's fine. JAN: When do I take the other pills? PHARMACIST: You can take these _any_ _time_ you feel a pain. JAN: Well, it's almost lunch time. Is it okay if I take one _before_ _lunch_ ? PHARMACIST: It's better if you wait till after lunch, _after_ _you've_ _eaten._ JAN: Why is that? PHARMACIST: The pills may upset your stomach if it's empty. JAN: Oh, okay. I'll wait till _after_ _lunch._ I'll take one about one o'clock . Well, thanks very much for your help. PHARMACIST: You're welcome.

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24 November 2020

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Picking up Prescriptions from English in Vancouver

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