Simple Past Tense

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Enter the simple past tense form of the verb in [square brackets] below.

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Last year I [visit] Italy with my family.
Yesterday I [go] to the beach with my friends.
Last night I [eat] tacos for dinner.
In February I [play] at a tennis tournament.
Last week I [meet] my boyfriend for dinner.
After playing soccer I was so thirsty that I [drink] a whole liter of water.
I was feeling generous so I [pay] for dinner for everyone.
On the weekend I [find] a $50 bill on the sidewalk.
Yesterday I [study] English for 6 hours!
I was so tired that I [sleep] for 10 hours last night.

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26 June 2020

Quickworksheets Author Country Flag Australia

Verb conjugation practice for ESL students: from infinitive form to simple past tense.

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