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Simple past form: regular verbs → infinitive + ed irregular verbs → check the table in the following link: https://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/grammar/unreg_verben1.htm

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Fill in the blanks with the simple past form of the verbs in brackets (irregular verbs):
1. I _bought_ (buy) eggs yesterday for the cake we'll bake today. 2. I can't believe I _lost_ (lose) last week's race. 3. My family and I _went_ (go) to the Olympics last year. 4. My sister _was_ (be) 25 years old two years ago. 5. Yes, I _saw_ (see) the fireworks on New Year's Eve! 6. My friend _got_ (get) a bad grade on her vocabulary test. 7. My mother is so mad because me and my sister _broke_ (break) her picture frame. 8. We _took_ (take) a picture at the same spot when we were kids! 9. I _thought_ (think) you liked me! 10. She _found_ (find) the Easter eggs and ate all the chocolate.
Fill the blanks below with the simple past form of the verbs in brackets (regular verbs):
1. Yesterday, my mother _cleaned_ (clean) the kitchen. 2. Interestingly, the bus _stopped_ (stop) in front of my house today. 3. My flight _arrived_ (arrive) at 4 pm last Saturday. 4. Last year, my father _cooked_ (cook) mac & cheese every Tuesday. 5. Last year I _liked_ (like) to wear pink. Now I don't anymore. 6. In the mornings we _walked_ (walk) in the streets of London. 7. We _visited_ (visit) a castle while when in Germany. 8. Greg _kicked_ (kick) the ball so hard, his foot still hurts. 9. I _studied_ (study) so much mathematics yesterday. 10. My brother _played_ (play) Minecraft the entire Sunday.

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3 December 2020

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