The Rise of Mussolini: Timeline of events

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Match the pairs below:
1910 → Mussolini joins the Socialist Party, 1914 → Red Week: Widespread Social unrest in Italy, 1914 August → Italy remains neutral when WW1 breaks out., 1914 November → Mussolini is expelled from Socialist Party, 1915 → Italy declares war on Germany/Austria Hungary in return for major gains., 1919 March → Mussolini forms the Fascist party., 1919 June → Italy doesn't receive any major gains from Versailles Treaty, 1919 September → d'Annunzio, an Italian nationalist, takes the port of Fiume, 1919 November → Neither the Catholic nor the Socialist party manage to form a government after the elections., 1919-1920 → Widespread socialist unrest, 1920-1922 → Widespread Fascist violence against opposing groups., 1922 October → King asks Mussolini to form a government., 1923 → Italy bombs Corfu., 1925 October → Italy signs the Locarno treaty., 1926 → Albania becomes an Italian protectorate., 1927-29 → Italy encourages Croatian, Macedonian and Arab separatist groups.

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2 January 2021

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