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Match the pairs below:
Rabbit was very proud of → his speed, Rabbit ran much faster → than Turtle, Because he was so far ahead, Rabbit decided → to rest under a tree, Turtle passed by and → kept walking, We all know → its lesson, But the story → goes on, He began to think carefully. Was I too → proud and lazy, Rabbit never stopped → runnung, When Rabbit crossed the finish line → Turtle was still far away., I can't win → when the race is like this, So he chosea different place and asked for → another race, The finish line was → on the other side, Rabbit just stood there, but → Turtle got into the water, How can we finish this long race → in the shortest time, They decided to → work as a team, Turtle swam with Rabbit → on his back, They were happy → because they did it better together, After all these races, Rabbit and Turtle → became friends, Be ready → for the future, Kindness is → strong

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5 January 2021

yeon3su4 Author Country Flag Korea, South

증학교 1학년 영어 (김성곤) 8과 본문 퀴즈

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