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Is elective used correctly? Foreign languages are elective subjects at our school.
Is elective used correctly? When school electives, August must leave in a hurry.
Is elective used correctly? You may wish to take electives in the subiects that interest you the most.
Choose six words in the box that are synonyms of anomaly.
Irregularity , Not standard, Difference, Variance, Abnormality, Away from
What can be inferred about mom and dad?
They differ in how protective they are of Auggie.
Check the words that describe the tone of Wonder. Select one in each row.
humorous , open and honest, longing
Read this passage from Chapter 5. "Hi, Mr. Tushman! I see you're running a little behind today! Did your car get rear-ended again? What a bum rap!" This passage contains ---.
Which word best describes Auggie's mental state? a. playful b. frightened c. confused d. serious

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28 February 2023

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