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Pick the correct words.

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Fill the blanks below:
I _saw_ a car accident yesterday. I _was_ standing on the corner, waiting for the green light. The other light changed from green to yellow. Then I saw a sports car. The man driving the sports car _was_ _driving_ very fast. He wanted to get through the yellow light, but when he got closer, it turned red. On the other street, a tow truck started to move forward. The driver of the sports car _tried_ to stop, but it _was_ too late. He smashed into the side of the tow truck. The man in the sports car got out of his car very slowly. He _had_ a cut on his head, and he _was_ stumbling around. The man in the tow truck was not hurt. He _called_ an ambulance with his cell phone. By then, a crowd was gathering. Some people _were_ watching from a distance, and others _were_ _helping_ the injured man. Then the ambulance _arrived._ The paramedics put the injured man on a stretcher and _drove_ him to the hospital.

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4 April 2021

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