What does Tom say?

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What does Tom say. Read or listen to the clerk and read Tom's answer.

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What does Tom say to the clerk?
Clerk: Welcome to RBC! → Tom:Good morning!, Clerk: Can I help you? → Tom: Yes, I want to pay this bill., Clerk: How much do you want to pay? → Tom: One hundred dollars please., Clerk:How will you pay? → Tom: With my bank card., Clerk: Is that all today? → Tom: Yes, that's all., Clerk: See you soon. → Tom: Good bye.
Clerk: Good morning! How are you today?
Tom: I'm fine thank you.
Clerk: How can I help you?
Tom: I want to cash this cheque please.
Clerk: Do you want large bills or small bills?
Tom: I need large bills please.
Clerk: Do you have your bank card?
Tom: Yes, it's in my wallet.
Clerk: Here's your cash. Fifty, one hundred, one hundred fifty, two hundred.
Tom: Thank you!
Clerk: Sign here, please! Do you need a pen?
Tom: No, I have a pen.
Clerk: Do you speak English?
Tom: Yes, a little.
Clerk: How many bills do you have?
Tom: I have 3 bills to pay, please.

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18 November 2020

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Level 1 ESL Practice - Responses at the Bank

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