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Read the sentence and decide what activity to do!

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1. It's stormy and windy. The temperature is 3 degrees Celcius.
I will watch TV and stay indoors.
The weather is hot and dry. The temperature is +48 degrees Celcius.
I will stay indoors.
3. It is cloudy and snowy. The temperature is 0 degrees Celcius.
I will build a snowman.
4. The weather is stormy. It is hailing. It's cool and windy.
I will cook a meal indoors., I will listen to music indoors.
5. It's a beautiful evening! The weather is warm and there is no wind.
I will read my book outdoors., I will go for a walk on the beach.
6. It is sunny and partly cloudy. The temperature is -38 degrees Celcius. It windy!
I will clean my apartment today., I will study and do homework.
7. There is a light rain. But it is warm. The temperature is 22 degrees Celcius.
I will walk and use my umbrella.
8. It is sunny and warm. It's a beautiful spring day. The sky is clear and the temperature is 22 degrees Celcius.
I will go to the park., I will go for a walk., I will have a picnic.
9. The weather today is foggy and very cold. It is cloudy and -19 degrees Celcius.
I will stay indoors and listen to music., I will stay inside and watch TV.
10. Tonight will be very rainy. This afternoon will be sunny and warm.
This afternoon I will go to the park.

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22 April 2021

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CLB 1 / ESL Beginner Reading Activity -Weather

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