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Tetramap is a tool used to help understand differences in nature, behaviours and thoughts in people. In preparation for completing your own Tetramap profile, check your knowledge and understanding of these words by matching them with some definitions.

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Match the pairs below:
DECISIVE → Able to make decisions easily, ORDERLY → Keep things tidy and organised, CONSIDERATE → Careful not to upset others, SPONTANEOUS → Try something unplanned, SYSTEMS → Try to be efficient and have methods set up, INSPIRATION → Feeling like trying something new or creative, BLUNT → Speaking in a direct, often rude way, CRITICAL → Finding fault in someone or something, HESITANT → Unsure or slow in acting or speaking, DISTRACTED → Unable to concentrate, BOLD → Showing a willingness to take risks, confident, ACCURATE → Correct in all details, ENTHUSIASTIC → Act with excitement, LOGIC → Where something makes sense, AGGRESSIVE → Ready or likely to confront and be strong, SOCIABLE → Like to gather together, THOROUGH → Doing something with great care and detail, ANALYTICAL → Good at breaking down a problem and solving it, LOYAL → Showing firm and constant support, OPTIMISTIC → Hopeful and confident about the future

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25 February 2021

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