Bowling Vocabulary 1

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alley a group of lanes, bowling establishment, playing surface approach part of the lane from the very back of the ball return area to the foul line arrows (darts) seven aiming points in the lane ball rack where the ball rests before it is rolled and after it returns from the pit ball return track between the lanes the ball travels on when being returned to the bowler bowling shoes special shoes for bowlers count number of pins knocked down on the first ball of each frame creeper a slow ball curve ball that breaks from right to left in a huge arc dots spots on the approach used to set the bowler's feet at the start foul touching or going beyond the foul line foul line the line that determines the beginning of the lane. Crossing it gets you a count of zero for that ball. frame one tenth of a game of bowling grip how you hold the ball gutter depression to the right and left of the lane to guide the ball to the pit if it leaves the playing surface gutter ball a ball that goes into the gutter

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8 June 2016

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Bowling Vocabulary 1

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