cell processes

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indicator a solutuion that changes color which shows that certain things are present osmosis the type of passive transport that occurs when water diffuses through a cell membrane Atp a high energy molecule created by the mitochindria glucose a small moecule that diduse into the cell it is necessary for the mitochndria to brsak it apart creating atp cellualar respration endcytosis process by which vauoles or vesicles pull materals into the cell the cell membrane pinches in STARCH A LARGE MOLECULE THAT CANNOT DIFFUSE IN TO A CELL IT IS A LARGE COMPLEX CARBHYHYDRATTE THAT CAN BE BROKE DOWN INTO SMALLER SUARGARS ESCIALLY GLUCOSE DIFFUSION MOVEMENT OF MOLECULES OF SUBSTANCES AN ARA OF HIGH CONCENTARTON TO A AREA OF LOW CONTARTION

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21 March 2013

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