Centre of Mass (Grade 1 - 3)

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Cut out the cards and match the questions to the answers.

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What would you use to to find the gravitational line of action? Plumbline Define the centre of mass. The position at which an objects mass can be thought of as concentrated Where is the centre of mass on a ladder? In the middle of the ladder How could you make a plumb line? String with a weight tied to one end. What is the line of action? The path that the force takes. Imaginary line passing through an object in the direction of the force acting on that object. The piece of card used in your investigation can sometimes be called by another name, what is it? Lamina What is the word used to describe the turning effect of a swing or spanner etc? Moment When a suspended object (like a swing) is at rest. Where is its centre of mass positioned? Directly below the point of suspension. How would you test to see that you had found the centre of mass of a symmetrical object? If the object is placed with its centre of mass on the top of the pencil, and it balances. What position will a swing be in when it is in equilibrium? At rest, not moving.

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23 September 2018

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Centre of mass cut and paste for AQA grade 1- 3

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